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Pole Performance

With Pole Performance you learn Pole Fitness with some of the South-Easts leading trainers. Pole fitness is a fun and safe way to lose weight, increase flexibility and endurance. You will learn in a way that will increase your cardio and strength training. Pole fitness is for all ages and sizes, it’s a social way to increase your fitness, it you would like more information please go to our questions page or contact us E-mail: info@poleperformance.co.uk.

Join the Hundreds that have learnt the exciting hobby – Why be boring

Pole Performance operates through-out the South East. Some of the training venues are below:

Hampden Park

Training Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday

Falmer Campus

Training Days: Monday term time only


Training Days: Tuesday Thursday

Stackz Gym

Training Days: Tuesday

Eastbourne Campus

Training Days: Wednesday

Private Training

Please contact me for further information
Our Staff

Holly Gibbons

Chief Trainer and Manager

Pole Performance was created my Holly Gibbons in, whilst learning her skills she realised there was a shortage of safe places to train in the South East. She then formed Pole Performance, which is dedicated in promoting Pole Fitness in a safe and professional way.
“Pole Fitness has proven to be a fantastic way to keep fit, flexible and is a fantastic talking point.”
If you would like more information on Pole Performance please contact her on info@poleperformance.co.uk
E-mail: info@poleperformance.co.uk

Noriko Kawa


In October 2014, Noriko pasted the Level 1 and 2 Instructor qualifications with the Pole Studio and received her First Aid certificate then went on to instruct beginner’s classes for Pole Performance.
E-mail: info@poleperformance.co.uk

Joanna Hoyle

Joanna Hoyle

E-mail: info@poleperformance.co.uk

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